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About Us

About Us

The Law is hard, but it is the Law

Himayan Hike Trip is one of the rare breeds of trekking community, that is completely owned, and operated by the aboriginals of mighty Garhwal, hence, trekking through the mountains is in our DNA. With us, you get to experience, and know the true essence


The scope has widely increased but still, some people are confused about the benefits of trekking and trekking as a carrier. But we have set an example for them by working successfully and with a reputation in this field. We are in this field of Adventure since 06 years and we feel very proud to see the growth rate of “Trekking”. People have accepted this activity and the youth is passionate about it, they are ready to opt it as their carrier. Who does rsquo;t want to wander in the serenity of Mountains, well everybody does



As everybody knows about wide scope of Mountaineering, most of the people are trying to get into it to do something different successfully.

Everybody is trained and working professionally here and it really makes us happy that 75% of the team is from Garhwal Himalayas, they are properly aware of trek routes and have personally explored every trek. We are providing jobs to the locals who are in need, giving training and this stops the local people from migrating to other places because the biggest reason of migration is “jobs” and by providing livelihood “Mounatin climbers” is helping in the growth.

Nowadays finding a travel company is very easy and you all must be aware of many travel companies which offer high altitude treks and challenging Expeditions. But are you aware of their Mountaineering experience or their knowledge and skills It is very important to properly analyse the company before choosing and know if the people serving in mountains are professional or not.

“Mountain climbers”every year sponsor courses for two people from “Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM)” (Uttarkashi) and Hanifl Centre Outdoor Education (Mussoorie) when they get certified in Mountaineering Courses (Basic or Advance), we hire them in our team.