Brahmatal Trek - Himalayan Hike Trip


 Brahmatal Winter Trek is still a hidden one and considered an undiscovered treasure, untouched by humans. The silent echoes of the ancient forests are so still enough that you can even hear the crackling of dead forgotten leaves beset on the snowy path you happen to traverse.

March and April, this time of the year appeals trekkers from across the globe and invites travel enthusiasts from different age groups.

The simple reason behind the gathering of about thousand people from the world is the views of the summits that stun the onlooker, and the breathtaking scenic views of the Brahmatal Trek, totally engulf the travelers. You may greet the crystal clear blue skies which encompass the whole horizon geometrically. Every side you ponder, you see the mighty Himalayas guarding you against the monstrously icy winds from the North. A regular day would include seeing at least 4 ranges 7000 ft. and above.

However, the Brahmatal temperature in December is astonishingly cold and is inconvenient for travelers to trek along this side.


The Brahmatal trek is apt for someone who likes to overdose on adrenaline and yearns to get lost into the wild green yonder of the Rhedrondrone going through ice snow as if they were guardian elements.

It’s preferable if you’re a fresher or already had your fair share of trekking in the Himalayas or other mountains. Also, physical fitness and agility go hand in hand with the trek as it falls under the above-average Difficulty category. 

Day 1 : From Dehradun to Lohajung

Dehradun is the last railway station in these hills, so the best way to reach Lohajung is to start your ride from here.

Upon reaching Lohajung, you are exposed to the magnificent Nanda Ghunti peak and if you’re having a good day you just might catch the exuberant colors of the Nanda Ghunti at dusk. Lohajung acts as the focal connection between the two astoundingly beautiful treks Roopkund and Brahmatal. It has a beauty of its own surrounded ancient trees of Rhododendron and alpines.

A small concentration of a dozen or more villages serves as the Centre point of Lohajung. A provisional store is present where you can fulfill your clothing, winter accessories and other needs. However, don’t rely too heavily on these shops and carry your vital things beforehand. The quality available at Lohajung market store is not up to the standard quality and may cause hazards to you while trekking. It is advisable to buy your winter trekking from a good trusted brand or store.



Day 2 : Lohajung to Bekaltal Lake

Brahmatal Trek as it helps to navigate better. From the chowk /market in central Lohajung, move towards Bisht General Stores. It is a manmade trail and demarcated for travelers’ convenience. You are required to make your way through a forest trail scantily clad with houses in the upper part of Lohajung. You will spot Mandoli village to your left after a brief trek through the trail.

The confluence of the Kail and Pindar rivers occurs at Kail Valley and is possible to view after a climb further up, on the left side. The water pipes providing freshwater to Lohajung act as guide points as they follow the trek trail. Moving along the trail we come at a point on the left called budla (a small cluster of homes).

The entire periphery of the Mt Trishul and Nanda Ghunti is visible from here will which refresh your mind and keep you motivated throughout your trek. They offer exquisite scenery during all the seasons of the year. The dense forests on the gradual sloping land act as the icing on the cake.

A little over two km into the trail and you find a small bridge which is meant to help you cross the stream flowing under it. 2hrs into the trek to arrive at begum which is a sort of resting point for the long journey that lies ahead. Also, this place offers some breathtaking views of Nanda Ghunti and Swaare village.

Walking along with the splendid views of the Bugyals, we come across another stream. It takes roughly an hour from this place to reach the splendid Gujrani stream. From here, it takes another hour of steady walking. The Brahmatal trek distance is commonly known for its frozen state making the journey cold and breezy.

Khop Daliya is an adjacent lake and serves as a spectacular place for camping. There may be chances that you will get to see the beauty of the spread Brahma Kamal (lotus) on the frozen lake.


Day 3 : Bekaltal Lake to Brahmatal Lake


The leisurely stroll in this gently ascending meadow brings us to the highest point of the day. Onwards it is a gradual descent into Brahmatal. All throughout the day’s ordeal, you can see Almora, Nainital side of the valley. The huge mountains are also visible scantily. The campsite in Brahmatal is situated at an elevation of 10400 ft. and just a half km away from the lake.


Day 4 : Brahmatal Lake to Brahmatal top and back

The journey begins with a 40 min brisk walk through the forests and then brings us out into the green meadows and to the bottom of the big climb to the top. Upon reaching the summit a spread of mountains open to give you a scenic view..

Chaukhamba, Mandir Mana, Nilgiri, Neelkanth, Trishul, Maitoli are just some of the mountains in the Panchachuli range which are visible from here.


Day 5 : Brahmatal Lake to Lohajung via Jhandi top

The gentleness of the descent from Brahmatal to Lohajung makes the trek last about 7 hrs. The route is retraced to Khabekhal and then deviated into another route which directly leads down to Lohajung.

The view along this descent is mesmerizing and quite astounding if you haven’t seen them before. The Brahmatal trek is incomplete without the scenic glances of the mountain ridges, like nothing you have seen before.

During the course of the journey we pass through a small place called Daldum which is quite beautifully covered by trees. 30 mins later into the trail, we reach Malling, a good water source which is located outside the vicinity of the forest area.

On walking further for an hour, we come across Burali which is a small place with a few houses. Villagers in this area farm during the cultivable seasons that last for a few months to meet their basic needs.


Day 6 : Lohajung to Dehradun (Day of departure)

After an enthralling 5 days with some amazing views and scenic backdrops it is time to return from Lohajung to Dehradun. We would arrange transport from Lohajung to Dehradun railway station. \.

Inclusions :- 
1. Transport: Dehradun to Sankri and Return.
2. Meals while on trek (Veg. + Egg).
3. All necessary entry fees and permits.
4. Accommodation:- Guest house, Home stay, camping during Trek.
5. Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, guide, cook and Support staff.
6. First aid medical kits, stretcher and oxygen cylinder.
7. Trek equipments: Sleeping bag, mattress, tent (twin sharing), kitchen & dinning tent, toilet tent, utensils and crampon (if required).
8. AH Staff Insurance.
9. Porters/mules to carry central equipment.


Exclusions :-
1. Any kind of personal expenses.
2. Food during the transit.
3. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
4. Insurance.
5. Any kind of emergency evacuation charges 6. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head.

Note : Normally AH expect to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you wish to offload your backpack, you can give it to Mule.
Charges of offloading backpack:-
INR 1500/- if you make an online payment, 10 days in advance
INR 1800/- if you inform us after reaching Sankri
The backpack cannot weigh more than 11 kgs. Backpack should have waterproof cover. Suitcases/strolleys/ bags will not be allowed.


It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, andcancellation charges would be as follows

Up to 30 Days: – 90% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refund. 

Between 21 – 30 Days: – 50% of Trek/Adventure/Tour/Travel/Hotel program cost will be refund. 


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Per Person (Includes all costs of the trek from Kathgodam to Kathgodam) (5% GST)

Duration – 6 Days (Kathgodam to Kathgodam)
Best Season – Round the year (Except Monsoon)
Level – Easy to Moderate


Winter temperatures – Brahmataal– 3°C to – 5° C – And Base Camp Brahmataal / -5°C to -10°C – winter December to Jan
Summer temperatures – Brahmataal base +5° C to +15° C

You’ll Need to bring or rent

  • Backpack
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Suitable Clothing


Day 1: Reach Lohajung. It’s a 10-hour drive from Dehradun. The starting point is from Dehradun Railway station at 6.30 am. Travel will be taken care of by the team. Cab costs – Rs. 6,300/- per vehicle.

Day 2: Travel from Lohajung (7,600 Ft.) to Bekaltal (9,885 Ft.). We’d be covering 6.3 km in a span of 5 hours

Day 3: Travel from Bekaltal (9,885 Ft.) to Brahmatal (10,440 Ft.). We’d be covering 7.2kms in a span of 5-6 hours.

Day 4:Travel from Brahmatal (10,440 Ft.) to Tilbudi (11,240 Ft.)through the Brahmatal Pass (12,200). We’d be covering 6 km in a span of 7 hours

Day 5: Travel from Tilbudi (11,240 Ft.) to Lohajung (7,600 Ft.) through Wan (8,000 Ft.); 2 hours trek + an hour drive.

Day 6: Road trip from Lohajung to Dehradun. Reach Dehradun by 6.00 pm.

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